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Thicc Pizza Co. is the brainchild of Seth Beckley and Felicia Meyer, co-owners of Hawt Pizza Co. At Hawt Pizza Co., Seth and Felicia make kick ass wood fired pizza. Here's the story of how they decided to go fat.

Since day one on his 30 year pizza journey, Seth dreamed about making and eating fat pies. At Hawt, Seth made lots of fat pies...some with red sauce, some with white sauce. He added pineapple, jalapeños, onions, meatballs and more. After much trial and error and sharing thousands of pizza calories with Felicia, Seth finally perfected his fat pie. Seth and Felicia decided that they should not keep their delicious pizza to themselves, so they decided to turn their dream into reality and open a second store dedicated to serving it up thicc.

We invite you to come visit Albuquerque's newest artisan hot spot, 505 Central Food Hall on historic Route 66. Cop a squat, grab a fat pie and a delicious pure cane birch beer and find out why it really is hip to be square.

Here's a few things you should know about Thicc before you come...

  • We're serious about pizza and not much else.

  • Our slow rise dough is made in house daily and rolled & stretched by human hands.

  • Our kitchen is only 300 sq. ft. so we only offer one size. 8"x 11" Rectangle - Six Pieces. No rounds, and no slices.

  • If you can't eat a whole pie, take some home for later, we have boxes.

  • No one here is from Detroit, Italy or New York, we just love pizza.

  • We DO NOT put anchovies on our pizzas, they are an abomination.

  • We're a non GMO kitchen. We will never feed you any cheap or crappy ingredients.

  • People who do not believe pineapple belongs on pizza are not to be trusted.

  • Our soda pop is craft made with pure cane sugar. All natural, no-GMO's, Kosher Certified.

  • Save room for dessert. We make Thicc and tasty pure cane floats.

  • If we mess something up, no need to fret. Just let us know and we will fix it.

  • Let us help before you Yelp.

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